Yidumduma with the Director "Jalala" Paul Taylor in Victoria River Gorge


The Yubulyawan Dreaming Project (YDP) is a collaborative effort with senior Aboriginal  Elder Yidumduma Bill Harney to document primarily using video, the culture, oral tradition and corresponding rock art sites of the Yubulyawan clan of the Wardaman people of the Victoria River region of the Northern Territory of Australia. Documentation has been carried out under the direction of the Elder. The YDP has recorded over 40 rock art, sacred sites and captured over 150 hours of cultural footage.

The Director Paul Taylor has been visiting and a student of Yidumduma's for over 25 years. The project was initiated by the Director in 2002 at the request of Yidumduma Bill Harney and in discussions with the late Lillian Hoffman, Maya Moltzer and Mick Peirce. Fieldwork began in 2004 and has been graciously supported by our FUNDERS & DONORS, WESTERN ROCK ART RESEARCH, FILMMAKERS, VOLUNTEERS.

All YDP footage has been archived for safekeeping and research in Canberra at AIATSIS, Australia's premier institution for Aboriginal studies. Copies have been placed directly with Yidumduma and it is envisioned to place a third archive in the Northern Territory. Highlights of this footage are shown on this site with permission of Yidumduma.

Sincere thanks go to our principal advisors, Mick Peirce and Dr. Hugh Cairns for invaluable support over many years.

Australian of the Year 2013: NT Finalist

Director Paul Taylor was honoured for his work with Yidumduma and the YDP. Yidumduma accepted the award on his behalf and in recognition of their work together over many, many years.

: Director's Naming Ceremony

YDP Dreaming Project director Paul Taylor is adopted into the Wardaman tribe, Yubulyawan clan, by Elder Yidumduma Bill Harney and receives his name Jalala, 2004. Jalala means "long, tall skinny fella" and everything connected to the long tall funnel or tube, the didgeridoo and further... the grass, the bird feather, the ant and termite nests, the cyclone, the hurricane, the whirlpool, the spinning Milky Way and the black holes.This event marked the formal beginning of the filming work for the YDP Project.