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In 2008 Peggy Baldwin, John Loyd and LOYD ARTISTS, funded the cost of a heliocoptor for filming. See Wardaman Land clip under LAND

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These Donors are honored as Producers in our 2013-14 video series:

Nancy Wang, Paula Stafford, Alex Tandy, Pia Hansen, Steve and Connie Eulberg, Rod and Sandy Garnett, Susan Ely, Jackie Wright, Milo Page, Margaret Wilson, Pam Faro, Camille Born, Rhonda Morton, Peggy Baldwin, Beret Strong, Jeremy Page, Michael Gray, Russell Hopkins, Lisa Cox, Nancy Kraft, Renee Roberts, Phil Lorenz, Stephanie Reutner, Peta White, Maurine, Ruth Taylor Jnr, Ruth Taylor Snr (Mum), Kaito Schnell, LG, Carol Patterson, In Memory of Fred Gray, Kay Lovegrove, Kale Schnell, Dave Earnshaw & Laramie Kiwanis, Kerry Coffey, Luke Taylor, Ann Wilson, Alan & Barbara Sharples, Carol & John Stansfield, Max, Peter Queal, Lauren Jane Spall, Linda, Ali & Colby, Sally Madden, Laurie & Cat Orman, Christian Behrenbruch, Jane McCarthy, Ben Baker, Ellen Taylor, Susan Lounsbury, Worlds of Music, Gulla Burke, Susan Davis, Jessica Nape, Gulla Burke, Robert & Phyllis Dunne, Barbara Halton Subkis, Ed Paridis & Peggy Cooney, Kate Wilson & Scott Overdorf, Charlotte Britton, Aura Newlin, Naomi Ward, Aunty Thora Specht, Mick Jerram & Gecko Canoeing & Trekking, Sr. Barbara Specht, Lenore de la Perrelle, Robert & Jane Kitchin, In Memory of Lila Duffy, Sue King, Cindy Stoffers, In Memory of Thelma Parker, Beth Wilkinson & Bill Concord, Anne Beckett & Kathy Keenan of Keenan Farms, Ken Gerow, Lisa Urquart, Sharon Frazier, Burt & Norma Sisco, Debbie Rieger & Bob Van De Rostyne, Ann Stucki, Harold, Annie & Lea Bergman, Steve Sutter, Visser family, Lillian Hoffman Never Never Bushrangers, Shelley Malo, Dan Smedts, Lou Farley, Mark Viator, Margaret Gilfoyle, Dave & Rochelle, John & Sherryl Gores, Janet Lever-Wood, Stephen Pearson, Beth Leonhardt, Laurie Low, Jean Edwards, Barby Fisher, David Gregory, Kate Barham, Lesley Wischman, Robyn Wardle, Adrian Rowe, Susan Moldenhauer, Kelli Trujillo, Doug Holly & Jane Horton, Dannine Donaho and June Frison Chapter of the Wyoming Archaeological Society, John Stocke & Debra St. Claire, Kashi Cannings...


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RT_logo_tagline.gifRona Tranby Trust who is funding fieldwork 2013.


kalliopeia_logo.gifKalliopeia Foundation who funded fieldwork in 2009 and 2010
and the construction of this website 2011-12.


logo.gifRinging Rocks Foundation who funded fieldwork in 2008.



John Loyd and Peggy Baldwin and all at LOYD ARTISTS who orchestrated 2 very successful tours bringing Yidumduma with Paul Taylor to audiences all over the US.

Cerise King and DAC, Diwurruwurru-Jaru Aboriginal Corporation, formerly Katherine Language Centre, who actively applied for funding support and donated use of a 4WD for fieldwork in 2007.

Barbara Pedersen and Mimi Arts

Linguist Colleen Moerkerken, formerly with DAC, has provided language support for many years and for this site.

Simmone Croft and the Katherine Museum.


 Mike Keighley , Borella, Cuppittee, of FAR OUT ADVENTURES whose leadership helped launch  our first fieldwork in 2004 with the assistance of Joc Schmiechem in 2004 and also 2005.

Mick Jerram
, NT IMMERSIONS, for their invaluable support with logisitics and camping gear from 2009 onwards.