In the Dreamtime Buwarraja when everything came to "still" and changed from the Spiritual to the present day natural world, the shadows of the Spiritual People went up into the stars. In particular the major Spiritual Ancestors went into the black spaces in the Milky Way, Bowonin.
Nardi, Dungdung and Rainbow Gorrondolmi, look down every night to see how we are caring for the land.

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encyclopaedic knowledge is fully revealed in his remarkable Wardaman Astronomy book with Dr. Hugh Cairns, Dark Sparklers. He is an emiritus professor of the Bush University. Following the publication of this work Yidumduma's star knowledge was given recognition in scientific circles. In 2009 Yidumduma starred on Australian National TV,  ABC's Message Stick program Before Galileo. The same year CSIRO astrophysicist, Ray Norris invited Yidumduma to present with him at the Darwin Festival.

Before Galileo: Star Law of Bill Harney

Before Galileo, ABC Message Stick Episode 2009, featuring just the Wardaman Aboriginal Star Law of Yidumduma Bill Harney.  Used by the YDP Dreaming Project with permission of ABC TV.
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Before Galileo
ABC Message Stick Episode

This program from 2009 looks at the ways in which western science intersects with Aboriginal Cosmology, leading us to a deeper understanding of the night sky, gained by learning the practical pointers of the constellations and the guiding spirits that occupy the dark nebulae in between.
Used with permission of ABC TV.
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Under the Stars

Yidumduma discusses his star culture around the campfire with outstanding Australian actor and presenter Ernie Dingo. Bill talks of listening to the Elders, travelling by the stars, the map in the night, the giant Emu, the Southern Cross and Pointers, linking to the landscape, totems, creation and the Dreaming. Segment used with permission from CAAMA Productions series Talking Languages with Ernie Dingo.
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The First Astronomers, Bill Harney with Ray Norris, Darwin Festival 2009

The First Astronomers was one of the acclaimed hits of the 2009 Darwin Festival. Featuring two great characters, senior custodian of the Wardman people, Bill Yidumduma Harney and CSIRO astrophysicst Ray Norris explore their separate yet hauntingly similar notions of the question: who were the first astronomers?
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