Mapping the Country


Yidumduma pointing out his landscape to Jonas Doctor from Garnawala, giving us a glimpse of his vast memory map of his land that connects to the Creation Story, the rock art, songs, and all the natural world.

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 On the right-hand side,
looking from here over the hill, just not far,
the behin
d​ there is called Gongoma-ya, another big site.
Down from there, from the Gongoma-ya,

that you look down,
the place called Gelat-ji, is the Hayward Waterhole.
Then come back to look at a big, big range of hills over there.
That's called Gibbalon.
The Gibbalon, the places where all the different Black Headed Python, they named it.
And that's Gibbalon hill over there.
And behind the Gibbalon, they call it Wanbin.
The Wanbin, on the other side is another big blue hill.
And right across down through the little hump over there,
you can see the gap through,
where the little pointy knob should be behind there, standing up.
That's where the Willy Wagtail was standing with the stone knife.
And where that
,​ the point of the​ head of the hill over there from Gibbalon,
it's called Wanbin.
The Wanbin hill, over there, and that's what you can see.
Behind that Wanbin hill and Gibbalon hill, you can see it,
way in the distance, that's what the Guyinin River is, the Flora.
The Flora runs down to Katherine River,
that's the Guyinin River they call from this end,
and from other end where Wudjawalan River come in, which is Katherine River.
And down here, on the eastern side that you can see, is all the high ridges all around.
The Aruna Creek comes into the Madison Creek.
And both of them, the Madison and Aruna runs into the Flora.
And that's why the junction of the Flora
goes in,​
they call it Guyinin.
Now, over on the eastern side of where I'm sitting,
from here, that's where the Muymuy is.
The Muymuy is the Willeroo
S​tation, and that's where it is.
It's about forty, fifty K, I think, from here to Willeroo, the Muymuy.

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