Peaceful Dove Rockhole: Golorog-ya

Yidumduma shares the story and songline connected to his mother's Dreaming  country Golorog-ya, Peaceful and Diamond Dove Rockhole, Jowarrin, on neighbouring Willeroo Station. The beautiful basalt rocks are the Dove People who sang, danced and created this special spring. Yidumduma last visited this sacred site in 1957. There is no road to this site and it is remarkable how Bill was able to find this after 50 plus years, on this 232,000 hectare, 600,000 acre property.

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Featuring 2 verses or songs of the Gujingga Songline

Song 1
dalaman dale laburanjane
Dancing all lined up, clapping with the boomerang

dalaman dale  Dancing all lined up,
laburanjane     clapping with the boomerang

Song 2
murundundulo yadyadyala       
Moving the earth, dancing, on your toes and making a hole.

murundundulo    Moving the earth, dancing
yadyadyala         on your toes and making a hole.

Little Peaceful Dove,
and he went over there and dug a hole,
because there is no water around this country,
in a place called Golorog-ya.
Way out in the Never-Never, in the open plain.
There is hardly any trees all around it.
They was dancing around this little rockhole,
where they was digging.
They was singing about this water.
Then they go away singing
and they come back again and look, still no water.
They go on ahead again singing.
They went on ahead singing and singing,
and they went away, then come back,
they can see that the earth's getting damp,
and they continue singing…
Next they saw the water come up.
When the water come up, they were happy.
They drank that water and...gave it to all the others.
This is a rock pool of water, way out in the open plain,
in the black soil plain over here, way out.
All the rocks, all sitting this,
that's the part of all the Diamond Dove, Peaceful Dove,
Cockatoo and all them, all standing there.
When they change from bird, their shadow
become a rock now
and that's where all these little groups of rock,
all the way around this big rockhole.
They said, "Oh well, all right, we'll call for everybody 
to come here, to do the ceremony now," they said.
...they started the singing there.

 Song 1
   dalaman dale laburanjane
       Dancing all lined up, clapping with the boomerang
While they were singing...they were standing around
in this rockhole that made...the water to come up.
Song 2
murundundulo yadyadyala       
Moving the earth, dancing, on your toes and making a hole.
The murundundalo mean that…
...where they remove all the earth,
and after they drank water, and yadyadyala
mean they all moved away then, and left all the
markings and track in there, and that's what all those
little pointy rocks like this.  Very interesting,
lots of rock all standing around…
Just like somebody built a little yard…
Just like that...all the little high rocks all the way,
and this big rock pool in there.
Song 2
murundundulu yadyadyala       
Moving the earth, dancing, on your toes and making a hole.
When they were changing to become a bird,
and they go…
That's why you can hear the sound of the 
Diamond Dove...he go…
Now he's changing all the different tune.
Song 2
murundundulu yadyadyala       
Moving the earth, dancing, on your toes and making a hole.
I was a kid, was running around here,
in this part of the country, 
because I'm a Wardaman,
this is my mother's Dreaming country here.
This one is called
Golorog-ya is all the Diamond Dove Dreaming
and Peaceful Dove Dreaming…
You can hear that sound of the Diamond Dove
still today…
That means water coming up, now rising,
and everybody come down and have a look,
they were happy.
This all rocks, every where you see, that's part of the old
Diamond Dove,
was sitting around in a group, all around in here,
and they were happy.
A lot of male were down that side, up top,
and all the female were down here.
They were the ones that made it happen to this waterhole.
This is a real Dreaming sacred site,
for women, ceremony place,
my mother's country.
Later on, when the white man come along,
they call it Dummy Rockhole.
This water never go dry,
because it's been sung by the Diamond Dove Dreaming.
In early day we used to come on foot,
all around, we'd always come over and camp,
because the most big ceremony place for 
the people over there.
A lot of initiation been done over there
with a lot of old people, up top, in that plateau.
The last time that I came here,
back in 1957, when we were mustering all the
cattle here.
That was a fair while ago.
When I was a kid growing up, when I was
a stockman, I'd always come down and have lunch…
This water was full like this all the year round, 
never go dry.
But in our own spiritual mind, with old Rainbow,
keep feeding it,
the water in this magnificent rockhole here.
That's been like this since I was a kid…
The black basalt Aboriginal name called
The barrwunin 
it's like a slate basalt…
it's very thin and long and flat.
The Diamond Dove used (it),
you can hear the sound on the wing,
and all these flat rock here, you can see
it's like a tapping stick, it make a very loud sound.
I'll get this little sample...another one here…
You can hear that…
See, that's a real sound.
That's a real...basalt sound.
That's a very interesting little basalt,
called barrwunin.
I'll put it back for my Mum,
because here is her Dreaming.
When I picked it up and I put this one back.
He belong here.
We can't let anybody take anything away.
These are mother, all my sisters…
They are all in here.
That's why I...come over to visit. 
My mother Dreaming here, in this rockhole.

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