Wardaman Language Lesson: Intro


Yidumduma teaching some Wardaman words at Menngen community, 2006.

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Morning mean,.."ngamanda"..this means "Good Morning". "Ngamanda"....good morning .
Now, "sit down and talk", now "ngayi-jingin" mean "sit together", "ngayi-jingin". Sit down. 
Now, if you're ready to go, you say..."juwi". Like you say, "See you! " “Juwi!” Yeah.
And he'll say to you, "Juwi" and then when he, "nganjawan" mean, "I go now".
"Nganjawan, juwi." "Juwi", he'll say.
Like Paul comes, "ngamanda" means…G’day.
"Ngamanda". Yeah, G'day, that's what he say. 
"Ngayi-jingin duba"...you and I sit here. "Ngayi-jingin duba". Yeah, both sit down.
"Nangarr jingi" mean, "You go over there".
"Duba jingi" mean, "You go over and sit there.
"Ngamanda-wu" mean, "What for?".
 "Mardin ngayi-ngorlogba”…. "Mardin" means "it's a word", you and I got to talk, talk it.
"Yowo", that means, "yeah, alright".
"Ngamanda-warang mardin", that's "What's the word?".
"Gudang banyangandi" mean…” Where'd you come from?".
Like, where you came from. "Gadang banyangandi." Where you come from.
"Dawung-ba" mean, "dawung" mean, "from over there".
"Yirrgulu-wa" mean, from the river, "yirrgulu” mean river.
”muragin" means "shade", it's a shade tree, "muragin" 
"Laglan" means…”the place where you got a camp".
"Jolbord" mean, it's a house.."jolbord".
"Ngayi-gurrgba" mean, "You and I sleep". "Ngayi-gurrgba".
"Gurrgbayi!", and he say ,"Yeah". "Juwi!".. 

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