Tribute to Bill: Bush Gentleman


This beautiful tribute to Yidumduma Bill Harney by outstanding Australian actor and presenter Ernie Dingo, describes Bill as a true "Bush Gentleman". Segment used with permission from CAAMA Productions series Talking Languages with Ernie Dingo. The series contains 6 episodes talking to prominent Aboriginal Elders throughout Australia.

"Ernie Dingo explores the revival, maintenance and creation of languages which are in a constant state of change. Episode 6, Ernie Dingo spends time with ‘proper bush gentleman’, Bill Harney, who shows him ancient traditions connecting the Wardaman language in the Northern Territory with the law of the land and the night sky." Study Guide available.

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There used to be an old expression called "Bush Gentleman".
And, I say "used to be".  They don't make 'em like that anymore.   
I've travelled around a lot to hear different stories from different places,
and it fills your mind, how things used to be, and the strength of it all. 
It's been great out here in Wardaman country. Hearing Uncle Bill's stories,
and the depth of his knowledge and the strength in his voice,
hearing the language, seeing the country. I'm there with him,
listen to his yarns, listen to the laughter in his voice.
A lot of things he could be bitter for, but, he's not ready to be bitter.
And he sure as hell is not ready to slow down. I wish him well.  

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