Gujingga Songline


Yidumduma shares part of his Gujingga Songline as the Ancestors "zigzagged" through his country and naming everything as they travelled. The Songlines connected all the Wardaman clan estates. Bill's clan Yubulyawan is one of 13 clans, Yulglennie, Yuljarra, Geleji, Muy Muy, Giling Giling, Yulnajaran, Guinin...Flora, Mamuldatsgarni, Jiggaigarn, Barnanggaya…Mt Gregory, Wurrula, Buerrgumayin. 

The Songlines moved through the lands of all the neighbouring tribes and then across the entire continent linking all Aboriginal groups together in song and ceremony. Yidumduma offers a unique contribution to this amazing and sophisticated mapping of the land.

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1/ Gunudjarri mardbamardba                           

Rainbow is resting, curled up sleeping

2/ Gunudjarri yolbirriar                                        
Rainbow now moves, making the rivers

First song I sang gunudjarri mardbamardba.
That mean he was curling up
and he sang gunudjarri yolbirriar
That mean he started to make a move now to travel,
make it into a big Songline.

2/ Gunudjarri yolbirriar                                        
Rainbow now moves, making the rivers

He was travelling and he kept going
and the sound of the boomerang
was coming in…from all different angles.

3/  Dalaman dale laburanjane                            
Dancing all lined up, clapping with the boomerang  
That’s all the sound was coming in now when they were singing,
with the dance that was coming in with all the Kangaroo People.

4/ Mayu barnay dingurrup barnay
Kangaroo People dancing here, making the springs.

That’s with all the dancing and they were stampeding (foot stamping)…
each time they travel and stop and look around and name the place.

5/ Gattagatta lerrbonbo                                                                                                
We stop dancing now, end of the Songline.

We’ll be singing all these songs for about a month…
In this big area, you’ll be zig-zagging and naming
all the different plants and soils, earth and trees and springs,
all sorts from the sand, the gravel, to everything that could name it.
Where it buried like this ochre buried like this…white pigment…
Doesn’t get washed off, not allowed to move out,
you stay there when the floodwater come,
you can’t drag him away…Marvellous how he stay on…from song, he put it there.
He stay there, even the pigment red one, stay there.
That make it one big Songline, zig-zag everywhere, all the way.
We still got that song today, the original one.


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