Yidumduma always begins teaching his culture with the Creation Story from the Dreamtime, the Creation Time. This comes to the people from Buwarraja, the spiritual Dreaming. 

The Creation Story is told over and over again and is like a tree of life that grows as the children grow. It is the Story of how the Spirit Ancestors sang the world into being. How the language, Law, medicine, education, land, plants, birds, animals, insects, ceremony, all came from song and link back to the Creation Story. (Note: In the Aboriginal language system "he" can mean both he or she.)

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The Dreaming

Bill shares the mystery of his spiritual Creation, Buwarrajathe Dreaming, and the Dreamtime and the Songline.
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Creation Story 1 

Chapter One: Yidumduma introduces us to the 3 major Ancestors Rainbow Gorrondolmi, Frog Lady Dungdung and the Sky Boss Nardi. Rainbow creates the oceans, marries Dungdung and they have many children in the water. Dungdung creates and moves onto land and marries Nardi the boss of the stars who comes down from the sky. They have many children all over the land and Rainbow becomes very angry and brings a flood to the land. The people go to the high ground and throw spears at Rainbow driving him back into the ocean and the flood goes away.
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Creation Story 2 

Chapter 2 picks up the Story after the flood, Nardi brings the Lightning People down from the stars and the Creation Dog Mardboronggo appears with a bag of songs and chases the Kangaroo People all over the country creating Songlines and land forms.  A little boy Wunan trails the Dog watching and learns how the Lightning Brothers Jabirringi and Yajagbula make rain and the Black Headed Python Wulajabi and his sister Water Python make the rivers all over the world.
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Creation Story 3

Chapter 3 continues with Wunan the Little Boy following the trail of the Creation Dog Mardborronggo and he finds him asleep under a rock overhang. He thinks he may be dead so he creeps up and cuts him with a piece of flint just to check. The Creation Dog awakes and howls and the world is changed forever as "everything comes to still' and the People change into the birds, animals, insects, plants, and the people we know today. Some of the Ancestors who are all painted up jump into the rocks and leave their image there to teach the children for all time.
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Rainbow & Flying Fox

Yidumduma shares more Creation Story about the major Ancestor Rainbow Gorrondolmi who is both male and female, made the floodwater and gave it to the termites to make the didgeridoo. All the water birds came together to sing and dance the Wangga ceremony and pass it onto the generations. The children of Rainbow are the Flying Fox, one brown called Ganben, another is a black one called Mun.gen. Every morning Rainbow blows his didgeridoo and they return from feeding in a big loop, come up through the didgeridoo into his dilly bag and climb into the tree to rest all day. In the evening Rainbow blows his didgerdioo and they leave in a big loop to go out and feed all night again.

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Creation Story & Flood

Listen to Yidumduma share the first chapter of the Creation Story relating to the flood in full Wardaman language.  This clip is from the archive of CAAMA, Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association, and used with their permission.
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Creation Story: Flood, Whale & Turtle

During the flood Yidumduma tells in full Wardaman language two stories not shared in the previous Creation Story telling. The Story varies with each telling but the core remains a constant. A Lightning Lady is swallowed by a whale and survives with the help of the Red Ant Doctors. This clip is from the archive of CAAMA, Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association, and used with their permission.
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Extended Creation Story 1

Yidumduma shares a more detailed version of the Creation Story. The Story highlights when Nardi and Dungdung marry and teach the children the songs, dances, painting designs, law.... about caring for the land.... Rainbow Gorrondolmi brings the flood with the Creation Gujingga Song, jaliny-gi jaliny-gija, ngabarl ngabarla, gayirra jarlbanga.
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Extended Creation Story 2

With the flood, the Lightning People come together and the little wren Willy Wagtail Jigirrija makes a spear singing the Gujingga Song, ginydan birrinyaneyi wurrugugu, to throw at Rainbow Gorrondolmi and drive away the flood.
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