Extended Creation Story 2


With the flood, the Lightning People come together and the little wren Willy Wagtail Jigirrija makes a spear singing the Gujingga Song, ginydan birrinyaneyi wurrugugu, to throw at Rainbow Gorrondolmi and drive away the flood.

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When the water was coming over
and flooded this country,
all these Little Lightning People all moved
from the low country and went up and based
themselves on top of the soft high mount (hill).
They were watching and looking as this water was rising
 and Rainbow was floating on top of the sea.
He wanted to bury the country.
...all the different birds and kangaroo that you see today
they were all human, they invented everything they made.
Nardi was coming down from the sky in a great big dilly bag like a basket.
...he picked up all these children, taking them across,
he was a very tall man.
He put all his children on top of the soft high mount, in the high country.
Little Willy Wagtail, a little bird today, was the one that invented all the stone tools.
He made the stone axe, called garlbang and
he made the stone spear, called ginydan.
...from the mud, like a long stick, he sang that and made
all the different flints...a stone knife, scraper...out of the mud.
He made them and sang a song that made the spear point go real hard...

ginydan birrinyaneyi ginydan birrinyaneyi wurrugugu wurrugugu
stone spear flint, heating in the ground oven, make the point go hard

That's the song that he made to make that spear point go real hard
and you can't break it.
...the people use that flint today to make the spear point and how you design it.

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