The Dreaming

Bill shares the mystery of his spiritual Creation, Buwarrajathe Dreaming, and the Dreamtime and the Songline.

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Maori language parallels: Whakapapa:

Whaka is to create—to become. It comes before a word to bring it into being (a verb). Papa is earth—foundation. A nickname for the Mother, Papatuanuku.

Number of Ancestors in a Given Generation

Bruce Pascoe: Aboriginal Story Gets Lost in Translation
Literature is a colonising tool. Kipling colonised Indian fables, Dr Livingston and Graham Greene did it in Africa, James Fennimore Cooper in America and Ion Idriess, Patrick White and a thousand others did it in Australia; the great interpreters of Aboriginal story!

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Now where I am sitting here, in this rock here…
The Dreaming put it there, Dreaming put all this rock here, in the Dreamtime.
And made a Songline with this, to name all the rock, creeks, mount, river,
in the Dreamtime.
Dreamtime, way back from beginning.
We call that, Buwarraja put them in there.
Buwarraja…Dreaming, this the Dreaming for it.

Now, where I am sitting here.
This rock here, the Dreaming put it there, in the Dreamtime.
And made a Songline all the way, from this country to the hill to hill,
to many rock, Dreaming put it there, in the Dreamtime.

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