Creation Story 2 


Chapter 2 picks up the Story after the flood, Nardi brings the Lightning People down from the stars and theCreation Dog Mardboronggo appears with a bag of songs and chases the Kangaroo People all over the country creating Songlines and land forms.  A little boy Wunan trails the Dog watching and learns how theLightning Brothers Jabirringi and Yajagbula make rain and the Black Headed Python Wulajabi and his sister Water Python make the rivers all over the world.

Read the Creation Story as told by Yidumduma and recorded and interpreted by Julie Drew.
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Then old Nardi was operating from the sky,
bringing all these Lightning People down,
jumping them off from a great big dilly bag, like a basket.
...everyone went around looking for food.
Later, he'd sing out to them,
"All come back, jump in this big dilly bag."
He'd take them up into the sky,
and then bring some others down.
ne day he brought all these people down...
...everyone went out looking for food.
There was a huge number of Creation Dog
...the children of Dungdung.
...they didn't like the Kangaroo People.
This Creation Dog is called Mardborronggo.
...were first people in this country and later
...changed to become a dingo today.
All these Mardborrongo started
...chasing them right through...through the desert,
and finished up at the salt water on that side.
...they made a Songline,
which follows the kangaroo being chased...
all the way down to the salt water.
Another kangaroo, was being chased by this dog...flat out.
He saw many little Lightning People,
sitting on top of the high mount (hill),
all watching...
This kangaroo was heading straight for these...
The kangaroo thought the little Lightnings would scare the dog away...
While they were sitting up there,
all these little Lightnings saw him coming... a fright and went up higher and left many footprints in the mud.
The old kangaroo said,
"Oh, the little Lightnings are not going to help me,
I must swing off this other way,
try to beat the Dog at another place."
He went flat out, he saw this hole...
jumped over this hole...hit the side,
and frightened old spiritual devil lady,
we call her Marnden, it's a little Mimi lady... 
She got up...and saw the kangaroo continue on.
Next she heard the noise...
she saw this other kangaroo coming flat out, the Dog behind him.
While she was waiting,
...another two were sitting down making many spear points,
Willy Wagtail and Diver Duck the Shag,
just in case old Rainbow might bring the water back...
they'll be ready... to spear him.
While they were making that,
this other kangaroo come flat out,
saw this hole...hit the side,
and frightened Willy Wagtail and Diver Duck the Shag.
Willy Wagtail said to Diver Duck,
"We don't want to see the whole earth fall down,
you must race up there quick,
stop this earth from coming down."
Diver Duck raced up, put his hand up...then hanging on,
...and singing...
Willy Wagtail raced around, picked up a hunk of mud,
sang it, put a lot of strength on it,
...put this prop in there.
The prop's still there...

The Kangaroo continued on with old Marnden,
the spiritual devil lady on his back...
He saw this other hole in the high mount (hill) and
he jumped right over to this hole...
the Dog was right behind him.
When he hit the side, the old spiritual devil lady was getting up again.
He(she) sang this hole...and made the earth go right up,
stopping the old Dog from jumping over.
He(she) continued riding the kangaroo all the way,
right up to the place the other site...
This little boy, it's a little bird today, a little Lightning Boy,
was sitting on top of the high mount.
We call him...Jerrjerrman.
He was watching all these kangaroo being chased by the Dog.
This little boy said, "I'll jump off and follow this dog trail,
he may have picked up all the kangaroo and
killed them along the road."
He jumped off and followed this dog trail the place where the kangaroo went right over to the hole...
he saw the dog trail had swung off.
The little boy said, "I'll stick to the dog trail,
he might have picked up the Kangaroo
on the other side and killed them all."
He swung off and followed this dog trail.
At the same time old Black-Headed Python came along,
went straight past the little boy,
headed across to old Lightning.
The Black-Headed Python said to old Lightning,
"Look, when you're singing that rain, the water will come down,
and disappear...
We must have stop the water from getting away."
The Lightning said, "How are we going to stop the water...?"
The Black-Headed Python and Water Python said,
"We have a digging stick here...called milirri and...gumun.
We can make...a river with these,
to stop the water from getting away."
The Lightning said, "OK, we'll wait for you."
Between the Black-Headed Python and Water Python,
the two who...create many big rivers in this country,
cut up the big gorges,
and made many channels all over the world.

After they finished, they came back and said to old Lightning,
"...all the rivers are dry now, they need to be filled".
Lightning said, "OK, I'll go ahead and make the rain."
He dug a hole in the ground.
Just before he started to sing,
a little Grasshopper came along,
and said to old Lightning,"Look, when you sing that rain, are you going to move that cloud?"
The Grasshopper said..."I got a song..."
"All right."... "What sort of song?"
 ...he said, "I can make a big whirl-wind,
go up there..."
The Lightning said, "OK, we'll both sing together."
The Lightning struck a hole in the ground and he started singing.
When he sang, all this frost came out from his mouth,
and went into this hole.
That's representing the frost there, in his mouth...
the white one...
Then he continued singing,
the frost changed and become a little hail.
...the hail start to evaporate
and all the smoke(vapor) went up in the air.
...then the frost start to change to...moisture,
to become a cloud.
...the cloud got bigger and bigger with the moisture.
Old Lightning had a muddy boomerang.
He threw it, hit the cloud, big thunder went, big rumble noise,
and down came the rain.
When it rained in this country,
lots of flood...the rain stopped,
the waterhole was full.
Black-Headed Python came along, said to old Lightning,
" did a good job, you gave us the water,
look at what I did, I stopped the water from getting away.
Everybody can have a drink now, it's in the river."
They were happy.
They were pleased together.     


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