Creation Story 3


Chapter 3 continues with Wunan the Little Boy following the trail of the Creation Dog Mardborronggo and he finds him asleep under a rock overhang. He thinks he may be dead so he creeps up and cuts him with a piece of flint just to check. The Creation Dog awakes and howls and the world is changed forever as "everything comes to still' and the People change into the birds, animals, insects, plants, and the people we know today. Some of the Ancestors who are all painted up jump into the rocks and leave their image there to teach the children for all time.

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as told by Yidumduma and recorded and interpreted by Julie Drew.
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This little boy continued and said,
"I'll follow this dog trail,
he might have killed all the kangaroo on that side,
I'll go down and check them out."
He's following the dog trail all the way, right up to the place,
underneath the soft high mount there was a Creation Dog sleeping there, having a rest...
While he was resting there,
the little boy sang out to the dog and the dog never moved.
The little boy thought the dog was dead,
he thought he might have been killed by the kangaroo.
...and all these little Lightning People were all yelling out to this little boy not to get close to this dog who was laying down...
The little boy looked down and
he saw many flints from all these little Lightning People
who threw the spears at thisdog, trying to kill him.
He picked up one of these flints, and he said to himself,
"I must go over there, try dig this dog in the side or cut his ears,
he might wake up, but I'll try."...
He headed across...he sang out to the dog, the dog never moved.
e said, "I'll go down and split his ears or dig him in the side."
Before he split the dog's ears, what happened in this country.
There were no trees...
There were no rocks...
just the soft high mount, it was a muddy land.
People were walking around there, all the different birds you see today,
they were human, all painted up all around in the country,
doing all the ceremony and
putting all the songs and everything together.
Soon as that little boy split the dog's ears when the dog...sang out,
it changed everything (to still) straightaway.
...the soft high mount changed to become a rock all of a sudden.
Many footprints that the people left in the mud,
they glued onto the mud,
now they are in the rock today.
As soon as that little boy split the dog's ears,
when the dog sang out,
all these people changed...
to become all the different animals, all the birds...
the shadow of all the Lightning People went into the walls of rock,
nd they are there today.
We call that Buwarraja put them in there.
The shadow went in here,
these people change to become all the different animal at the same time, become birds, animals, kangaroos and...
We call that Buwarraja put them in there
right back from the beginning of the Creation.
That's where they are now.   

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