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Bill Harney's Bush University DVD

Yidumduma Bill Harney has been described as one of Australia's Living 'National Treasures'.
 Bill is the senior Aboriginal Elder of the Yubulyawan clan of the Wardaman
people. Wardaman country is the Victoria River District of northern Australia. 
The Yubulyawan Dreaming Project YDP is dedicated to documenting and
sharing Bill's wonderful cultural heritage and wisdom. This DVD is a showcase of our work.
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Four Circles

Customs that are Law in an Aboriginal Cosmoscape

Wardaman Customary Law by Yidumduma and Dr. Hugh Cairns. Justice, Mercy, and Survival in Bill Harney's Imulun Wardaman Aboriginal Spiritual Law. A Northern Australian People with their Intellectual World of Law in the Four Circles Tradition.



Leedi CD

Songs, stories, birds and Marlugbarr (didjeridoo) from the Wardaman Aboriginal Elder. Produced by the YDP.

Yidumduma Bill Harney is recognized throughout the world as an artist of high esteem on many different stages. He is a Master Storyteller, Songman, Didjeridoo Player/Maker, Painter, and Writer. All his art forms have the deepest roots in the celebration of his Wardaman Aboriginal heritage and his unique ability to “walk in both worlds” and communicate the joy of his culture to a global audience.
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Dark Sparklers

Yidumduma's groundbreaking book with Dr. Hugh Cairns on his Aboriginal Astronomy. "An intriguing insight into a rather amazing modern Aboriginal Elder who has a cosmic view of life within his earthy realism."

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Born Under a Paperbark Tree 

Yidumduma's fabulous biography of his life growing up in two worlds. All in his own words and edited by Jan Wositsky.
Written in "Yidumduma’s unique blackfella way of talking, Born Under The Paperbark Tree tells shocking stories of violence and cruelty alongside mythology of the Dreaming; about a sister stolen by white authorities and Yidumduma saving his sons from the same fate; details of a childhood in the bush learning to live off the land, and hilarious yarns of drunken poddy-dodging cattlemen and miserable bush publicans – all told in the authentic voice of a man who’s lived in two world and come up ‘top all ‘round’."


Renewing Women's Business 

A fine DVD teaching Wardaman women's education as shared by Elder Lily Gin.gina. Film by Julie Drew.
"Renewing Women's Business is an unique film which identifies how young Aboriginal (Wardaman) females were instructed into understanding and learning about their own development at puberty and just how this is linked to ancient cultural traditions involving their part in the link to Wardaman lands."


WINNER! 2015 AWARD FOR BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY (Documentary) for Dylan McDonald for his work on TALKING LANGUAGE, in the 44th National ACS Awards for Cinematography!


Talking Language

with Ernie Dingo 

"In this series, Ernie Dingo explores the revival, maintenance and creation of languages which are in a constant state of change. Episode 6 Ernie Dingo spends time with ‘proper bush gentleman’, Bill Harney, who shows him ancient traditions connecting the Wardaman language in the Northern Territory with the law of the land and the night sky."
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