Yidumduma introduces us to his land, people, culture, rock art, education, Law, song, dance, the Spiritual and the sacred. Everything is Spiritual, everything has a song, everything is connected through their Creation Story, everything is working together.
The people are directly connected to their land through their totems which in Law teaches to "Care for your Country", share your water and look after each other.

"We linked in together, joined in, see...with the rock paintings and trees and the stars and everything all connected together."   Yidumduma

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The area where we are, where I born at Willeroo (Station).

And I've grown up in the bush...all my life.
I work in my own land.

But I work also in the different parts of the area,

but always come back to the homeland.

In the landscape, where you travel through,
in open area,
 that area again in some floodplain or little high mound, is a sacred.

The sacred area mean was created by somebody back from the Dreamtime.

The river itself has many sacred places there alright,

in the...waterfall and all this, but that was put in there,
back in the Creation Time.

Part of the Creation Story and Song and everything in it there,
all in the river.
 And everything to recognise who their totem...

For many other clan group come in together,
from mother's side,
from grandfather, whatever...
so everybody recognise one another.
 We share that water together.
That's what we're doing now.

All the painting, in the rock painting,

they were people like you and I walking around.

They sang the earth, made it white ochre,

they sang the earth to make it red ochre, 
they sang the earth to make it yellow ochre,

made it all sorts of, with the Song.

They sang all them to each one, invented everything in the country.

What we doing today, is to teach them from the word of mouth.

What we teach is Ceremonial Law, you got to listen to that.

You went through this, now what you learn,
the Custom Law in the bush.

And you explain to them what the Spiritual tells you and all that...

to make them understand everything.  

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