"We linked in together, joined in, see...with the rock paintings and trees and the stars and everything all connected together."   Yidumduma

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This is an education guide to this Yubulyawan Dreaming Project (YDP) website.
The key ideas are explained in order and each is illustrated through hyperlinks to the YDP, other websites and readily available electronic or printed books. Each key idea can be taught through the associated lesson ideas. A comprehensive list of Australian Curriculum elements relevant to teaching the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures cross-curriculum priority in school-years Transition to Year 10 is given on pages 4-5. The particular elements of the Australian Curriculum addressed by each lesson idea are given there also. The page format of this Guide is landscape so that it fits computer screens.
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Introduction to Land and Culture

Yidumduma introduces us to his land, people, culture, rock art, education, Law, song, dance, the Spiritual and the sacred. Everything is Spiritual, everything has a song, everything is connected through their Creation Story, everything is working together.
The people are directly connected to their land through their totems which in Law teaches to "Care for your Country", share your water and look after each other.

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 Map & Slide Show

Watch a slide show of Wardaman Land of the Lightning Brothers with map.
Approximately 180km west of Katherine, showing four seasons. Wardaman land runs from the upper reaches of the Flora River in the north to Scott Creek in the northwest, south along the major waterways towards the Victoria river in the west and to Romula Knob in the east.



Tribute to Bill: Bush Gentleman

This beautiful tribute to Yidumduma Bill Harney by outstanding Australian actor and presenter Ernie Dingo, describes Bill as a true "Bush Gentleman".
Segment used with permission from CAAMA Productions series Talking Languages with Ernie Dingo.
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Growing Up: Gornbun-ya Site

Yidumduma sharing memories of growing up here at Gornbunya Site, Whistling Kite Dreaming, in his beautiful Garnawala country, which contains many sacred rock art sites.
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Black Plum & Charcoal: Stolen Generation

Yidumduma Bill shares his family history of the Stolen Generation. Bill's older sister Dulcie was taken away to Croker Island as a young child and by chance was reunited with the family in her late teens. Whenever the Welfare was close Bill was painted up in black plum and charcoal by his Mum. The station managers were also active in protecting the kids from being taken away. This film is dedicated to all of Dulcie's family and her granddaughter Rebecca who celebrates her Wardaman heritage and teaches Aboriginal culture in Adelaide schools.
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Global Spirit: Dreams, Visions, Realities  Watch clips

Join CEM productions and host Phil Cousineau for Global Spirit's episode “Dreams, Visions & Realities” featuring Yidumduma Bill Harney and Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, author and dream specialist who can teach us about the importance of “tending” to our dreams.

“Dreams, Visions & Realities” explores different interpretations and domains of dreaming and the spiritual world. Yidumduma shares his indigenous wisdom.


Living In The Spiritual

In this Global Spirit clip, Bill shares some fundamental wisdom.
We live primarily in a spiritual world, like a "big whirly wind". The natural world is constantly giving us signals to pay attention. We are surrounded by story in the landscape and in our dreams, and this gives us a feeling with meaning of what's about to happen, someone close passing away soon or the coming season.  This connects to the Creation Story, where everything was and still is, first spiritual, before it changed into the physical natural world that surrounds us.
"...the Spiritual come to you, to make you listen."
Global Spirit
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Whitefella Contact Story

Severe conflict with Aboriginal people throughout Australia in the early days of European settlement has been well documented. The Wardaman people were well regarded for their resistance. Here Yidumduma Bill Harney shares a story with Ernie Dingo, passed on to him by the Elders around the campfires as he was growing up. Segment used with permission from CAAMA Productions series Talking Languages with Ernie Dingo.
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Changing Land 1

Yidumduma discusses climate changes he has witnessed on his traditional land, the seasons, rainfall, flood, drought, and earthquake connected to the Ancestor Rainbow. He talks of the loss of the traditional rainmakers and the effect of people walking on the moon. He talks of the spiritual on the land being all mixed up now and causing "mischief" among the people, causing everything to "get out of hand".
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