100_2061.JPG                                Len Glasser at work at Mardbanga Spring. Photo: Paul Taylor.

Sincere gratitude is extended to the skilled filmmakers and production assistants whose work appears on this site.

RUSS HOPKINS at KIVA RECORDS has worked continuosly with the Director since 1995, archiving field recordings and documenting Yidumduma on his US Tours 2008, 2011. He is the principal editor and archivist for the film recordings of this site.

LEN GLASSER, principal fieldwork videographer 2004-9 who also recorded Yidumduma on tour in Australia.

ZEPHYR L'GREEN, principal fieldwork videographer 2010-present

TAMARA PENNIKET, sound recordist, photographer, fieldwork 2012-present.

DEBRA ST.CLAIRE, fieldwork 2009.

MAYA MOLTZER recorded in the field in 2002.

STEPHEN OLSSON, CEM/LINK TV, Global Visions, filmed Yidumduma on his US tour 2011.

LANDLOCKED FILMS, JOHN TWEEDY, BERET STRONG, filmed Yidumduma on his US tour 2011.

SQUIRE MYER, fieldwork 2006 and subtitling 2013.

MELANIE MATTHEWS,  production assistance on Birds 1, 2 3.

NIVEN McCRIE & NT BIRDS, for use of their wonderful bird images.

DR. JEFFERY LOCKWOOD & DR. DAVID RENTZ, for their insect expertise.

_MG_5319YDPTheTeam1_copy.jpgThe fieldwork team 2014, Paul Taylor, Zephyr L'Green, 2010-present, Tamara Penniket, 2012-present
Photo by Tamara Penniket

100_3590_2.JPGZephyr L'Green and Tamara Penniket filming Yidumduma at work on Menngen Station 2012.